Welcome to Vulkallir

Welcome to the world of Molly Kanyn and this is Guidebook to Your Guardian. I found a writing prompt I really liked and I have decided to start an online blog story.

Writing prompt:

“At birth, each human is assigned a robot called a Guardian. Each human is followed by a Guardian, twenty-four hours a day, for their entire lives. Guardians give advice, solve problems, and protect their humans from danger. Guardians constantly remind their humans that the government is good, kind, and necessary. Guardians also remind their humans of the rules, and the punishment for breaking them.”

Molly loves her Guardian and enjoys having one much like everyone else. She wants to her life back, but after finding out a dangerous secret her life will never be the same.

Let’s have some fun.


Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives. — Ronald Regan

artist unknown